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WNY STEM Hub is a Regional Partner of

WNY STEM Hub as a partner of is bringing computer science courses to grades K-12 so every student has the opportunity to learn this foundational field, regardless of background, race, or gender. Last year, in New York state only 7,553 students took AP Computer Science Principles and most of those students lived in downstate NY. Furthermore, there are currently 31,806 open computing jobs in NY (4.1x the state average demand rate), with only 6,043 computer science graduates to fill them.

WNY STEM Hub is offering professional development programs for teachers to begin teaching computer science, with no previous experience necessary! According to, these workshops have received rave reviews by more than 100,000 participating teachers—98% of participants say they would recommend the program to another teacher—and we want to make sure your teachers have the chance to attend!

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  •   58% of new NYS STEM jobs are in computing but only 8% of college grads are in computer science

  • Of NYS grads in NYS, only 18% are women

  • 32,000 NYS jobs in computer science idle as unfilled, 4.6 times the average job demand

  • The average computer science annual salary in NYS is $100,813.

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