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Final Team Competition Information for 2019-2020 HERE!



WHY: In order to meet our urgent NYS Energy Goals for REV 2030 (Reforming the Energy Vision), young people must be engaged in the design of innovative solutions that will impact their future.


WHAT: This inaugural program, presented by WNY STEM Hub and National Grid, is a first-semester learning experience for self-directed learners who are interested in contributing to authentic innovation in the field of alternative energy, energy technology, and energy conservation. Students will research energy topics, meet with energy experts, and be invited to tour energy sites in WNY. Innovation and persuasive communication are essential to success in this project. Students will be invited to observe and reflect on the 43N competition as a learning opportunity. The winning team will receive a $1,000 check.


WHO: Erie and Niagara County high school students from public, private, charter and home-schooled settings, scout groups or clubs are invited to participate in the inaugural Energize Your Future Competition.


HOW: A call for interested teacher and adult facilitators will open in August to register for an online orientation to the program.
Student teams (1 – 4 per team), guided by at least one teacher or one adult facilitator, will register from September 16 – October 31. There is no fee for registration, although registration is required.

WHEN: Information to be released during Fall 2020.

About the Student Competition

WNY STEM Hub and National Grid are pleased to bring this unique competition to WNY public, private, charter, and home-schooled high school students.  Details on the project challenge and registration of teams will be officially announced in September 2020.


High school student teams of 1-4 are invited to develop an original concept that may include innovations related to energy technology or sustainability.  The idea can be a composition-of-matter, device, design, process, power system, service, a start-up company, social enterprise, technology-based product, etc. – anything that is innovative and addresses renewable energy or environmental sustainability.


The Qualifying Phase requires students to compose a report (not to exceed 12 pages) that addresses the following: Executive Summary of the Project Concept; Background Review; Energy, Environmental, or Social Impacts; Financial Feasibility; Marketing; Project Timeline; Team Biography; References. Teams are encouraged to use graphics, tables, and formatted text (bullets, underline, bold) to make the project document as readable, professional, and as compelling as possible. The due date will be by December 2020.


The Finalist Phase requires the highest-rated team submissions to prepare a trade show style exhibit (poster presentation) and an oral presentation (pitch) to be evaluated by the judges. Finalist teams must be prepared to give a 7-minute oral presentation, followed by a 3-minute question and answer session with judges (10 minutes total). Multimedia support (for video or PowerPoint) will be available. The event will be scheduled on or around January 2021.

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