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The Girls Coding Project runs annually for two weeks in July 

The Girls Coding Project is a two-week learning experience for girls entering the 7th through 12th grades, organized by WNY STEM Hub in collaboration with SUNY Buffalo State. The goal is to encourage more young women to pursue computer science education and to become part of WNY’s growing technology workforce.



Beginners have the choice of attending either of the two weeks. Advanced girls will participate during both weeks. Each day focuses on coding with additional STEM and leadership programming.


For more information contact: email or call: 716-300-6673




Thank you to our Girls Coding Project 2020 Sponsor:

The Garman Family Foundation

Administered by the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo



About The Girls Coding Project

By the year 2020, it’s estimated that only 3% of the 1.4 million computer science jobs in the United States will be held by women. The Girls Coding Project wants to change that.



In 2016, The Girls Coding Project began It’s Your World! Develop It! Powered by AT&T to introduce girls to computer coding. It continued into the fall of 2016 and winter of 2017 and was repeated in the summer of 2017 when the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County and GM Tonawanda Engine joined the partnership.



In 2018, The Girls Coding Project expanded to offer an Advanced level computer science training for girls who have mastered computer coding basics taught in the initial experiences. This two-tiered approach (Introductory and Advanced sessions) adds a more rigorous, real-world component. It’s also a complement to the STEM initiatives that are priorities for Girl Scouts.



The Introductory Program targets urban scout groups, and high need community centers and schools. The Introductory Program engages first-time attendees learning coding basics and developing apps, games, websites using programs like Alice 2.0.




The Advanced Program girls (recruited from our previous two program years) work on self-guided group or individual coding language learning using and other online resources.

The Girls Coding Project will end with a Demonstration Day for families and community members to view the girls’ work.



All the participating girls will be guided by campus professors, area tech professionals, educators, and other computer advocates. Women mentors will introduce the girls to entrepreneurship, leadership development, and the wide range of career pathways available to a computer scientist and skilled computer coder.



Read a news article about the Girls Coding Program held in 2019 HERE.


Thank you to our Girls Coding Project 2020 Sponsor:

The Garman Family Foundation

Administered by the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo


Thank You to our Past Lead Sponsors of The Girls Coding Project 

“Participating in The Girls Coding Project last summer made me aware of the potential in my future with computer science. I learned a lot and am excited to continue learning.” 

Roisin Cruse

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