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2020 Summer Program

2021 Summer Program


Meet our Recipient

Meet our Recipient

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Hand in Hand

We are seeking students who would like to increase their technology and digital literacy skills while helping others. This is a two-week program designed to raise awareness of the needs of others and encourage students to be creative and innovative while designing prosthetic hands and adaptive devices. The Hand in Hand program is a signature project of the WNY STEM Hub that began in 2017, the program will provide many opportunities for learning while “doing” and encourages students to think critically and be proactive in their education. Research shows that this type of hands-on learning provides a more profound learning experience, an increase in retention of content, an increase in collaborative skills, and so much more. This year the curriculum is embedded in math and science content to enrich the learning while mitigating learning loss. Space is limited, Register Now

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The Hand in Hand Program runs in August each year and engages middle and high school youth in the use of technology and computer design to fabricate prosthetic hands. Students will have a variety of hands-on experiences preparing them for technology design. The prosthetic hands are donated to children in need locally and abroad.

Participant Applicants should be students in grades 6-12. Those having attended the program in the past or who can demonstrate experience in 3D technology may be assigned to an advanced group, with a nominal fee to participate.

Project Team Leader Applicants should be a Junior or Senior in high school and already participating in a technology program or have participated in Hand in Hand 2017, 2018, or 2019. Project Team Leaders should be prepared to take direction from the teachers in charge, assist the program participants as instructed, and be a role model for engaged service-learning.


Project Team Leaders will receive extra leadership training and will be expected to apply these skills during the program.

A new related initiative is a partnership to replicate the Hand in Hand program in Ghana.

To see a recent news story about the Hand in Hand Program, click HERE.

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