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Quality Partner Program

WNY STEM’s Quality Partner Program is a high-level endorsement designed for schools, after school programs, museums and all formal and informal STEM learning settings to help you maximize the impact and value of your existing STEM/STEAM program.


This validation will:

  • Enhance the trust built with stakeholders and funders;

  • Reinvigorate interest for your program; and

  • Expose your team to multiple best practice tools – gleaned from regional, national, and global experts – from our team of five STEM Master professionals.




WNY STEM Quality Partner Program Process


Your program is evaluated by our STEM Master professionals. The team offers you options and solutions (you choose how much or how little you want to implement) based on a substantial set of best practices. Our team will help guide you through three important benchmarks:

The Cornerstones: A Choice of Tools and Solutions


A wealth of best practice tools will accelerate your program development to reach your goals;

The Evolution: An Enriching Team Experience

Reflect, discover, and celebrate the uniqueness of your program as your anticipate your future;



The Capstone: A Quality Partner Certificate


You will be awarded a Certification of Quality endorsement after we help you collect evidence that demonstrates that your program meets best practice standards. Our marketing experts will then help you to promote your good work.

This process will fine-tune your vision to bring out the best in your program. We will facilitate your action planning and provide you with supporting resources. The Quality Partner- Program process can accelerate your program development and guide you through other modifications.

For more information contact: Ms. Simone Ragland, Executive Director at

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